Thursday, October 16, 2003

Audiobooks on the iTunes store
Not only does apple release a kick butt version of their iTunes store, but they also announced the availability of's Audiobooks on the store. You know, like books on tape except their not on tape. I actually listen to these sorts of things when I go on a long road trip. I'm probably the only one who gets psyched by this announcement.
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It's official, iTunes and the music store are now available for Windows
Apple just may slaughter the competition for once in its life. Apple gets the right business model better than any of the others out there. Thanks to MacSlash for the update.
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My son, Ethan (aka EC), had successful surgery done today to remove a hernia and a mole that he had since birth. I mention this only to remind myself that things could have went all wrong. I'm thankful they didn't. It's too easy to become completely oblivious to the many blessings in this life. Thank you God.
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Selling sugared water and music The soft drinks group PepsiCo and the IT company Apple Computer are expected to announce a marketing agreement that will give Pepsi drinkers the opportunities to download free songs from Apple's online music service, The Los Angeles Times reported today.

Oh the irony. I believe it was Steve Jobs who once convinced John Sculley, then Pepsi's VP, to become CEO of Apple by saying something like, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?” I guess it's a little of both for Jobs and Apple these days.
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Do you prefer typing or writing?
Scoble: They are a lot more useful for taking notes than something that forces you to only use a keyboard (please note, my Tablet still has a keyboard).

To be honest Robert, I prefer typing to writing. I've been that way since my days in high school. It's not like you're not at a desk where you can setup your laptop when you're at school.

P.S. My hand gets serious cramps if I take notes by hand these days. It's like I'm not use to the movement or something.
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Microsoft fixes are becoming a regular routine
I came in to work today and immediately started downloading my almost weekly dose of Microsoft security fixes. This time there were five. It took at least a half hour for them to install. It requires a reboot to do its thing completely. Oh so much fun.
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The PHP is not scalable myth
As always, John Lim over at PHPEverywhere points to a great article. This time the article (written by Jack Herrington) addresses the myth that PHP is not scalable. Notice this article shows up at OReilly's “On Java” web site. Interesting.
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