Monday, October 20, 2003

Get laid off, travel the country
I got a voicemail last night from one of my best friends, Randy. He got laid off from his job in Ohio. He didn't like his job very much and even joked that he hoped they would let him go. Well, I guess he got his wish.

Randy took off to travel around the country for a while. He called from Florida last night where he is staying at his sister's condo down there. Next he's off to New Orleans and then Houston to see his brother. It's crazy and it's exactly what Randy said he would do if he got laid off. I hope he gets a hold of me soon as I don't have a number to call him at. I was actually just about to call him last night when I got home and heard his message.

I think it's time Randy swings up to Wisconsin so we can go backpacking up here. I'm not the outdoor type but I've gone backpacking with Randy several times in the past and we had a great time. It was good to get away from everything else and just enjoy each other's company. I think Randy could use that right now. I know I'd love to go for a few days. I hope he calls me before he gets out of his “wander the country” mode.
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