Monday, October 27, 2003

The problem with starting a revolution
Sterling Hughes and Thies Arntzen: Drawback: People that start a revolution usually get their heads chopped off sooner or later... From Sterling and Thies' slideshow on running PHP on Parrot, Perl's virtual machine. Thanks goes to Jon Lim at PHPEverywhere for the link.

I think Parrot is a great project. I also think Parrot may take several more years to even come close to production ready code. It's a very complicated project that requires a lot of thought and effort technically. That doesn't even take into account the losing your head part of the equation. Many people within the PHP, Python, Perl, etc. communities are not going to want to make concessions to see all those languages run on the same cross platform virtual machine.

By the way, I'd love to see PHP, Python, Perl and many other languages all running on Parrot! Then we would have many of the same advantages .NET provides without turning over control to a single platform vendor.
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Is Google a monopoly?
There have been numerous stories and posts on weblogs over the past year or so about how Google is a monopoly. The Register points out today that if Google does an IPO next year, there may be a challenge concerning their status as a monopoly.

I agree that Google is a monopoly. But, unlike Microsoft and others monopolies before it, Google has earned its rank as the best search engine by doing something rather stunning: being the best search engine on the planet. Microsoft could rarely (if ever) say that it had the best operating system or software or anything else for that matter. Microsoft leveraged one monopoly (the desktop operating system) to dominate other market spaces like office productivity software, groupware and network server operating system.

My fear with Google is not that it dominates the search engine space, but that it will leverage that dominance to get into other spaces where it is not the leading innovator. I think those that yelled about Google buying Blogger may have some legitimate concerns in regards to Google utilizing its search engine dominance to conquer the weblog world with less than superior technology. The purchase of Blogger could very well turn out to be a typical Microsoft move. If that is the case, then there are some legitimate concerns that Google is actually too powerful.
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Why Microsoft doesn't get Linux
Robert Cringely nails some great points on Microsoft vs. Linux. Microsoft does not understand Linux and Cringley uses Steve Ballmer's comments at a Gartner conference in Orlando, FL to explain why that is. This is excellent insight that goes much further than the typical “Linux rules. Microsoft sucks.” chants we hear too often on this subject.
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