Wednesday, November 12, 2003

OK, that's it!
Two girls...errrr...young ladies stopped by outside my office looking for someone. One of them said, “Look how dirty that wall is.” Guess who's wall she was referring to? Yeah, the one in my new cube. I'm going to bring the digital camera in tomorrow and take a picture of my wall. It's hideous and only seems to be inviting more and more people over to do their own version little version of Comedy Central.
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Kudos to at least one IT research firm
I just want to say that I am always impressed by the quality of content on the Microsoft Monitor Weblog. I realize it's done by one of those shaky research firms. I'm still skeptical of these firms, but weblogs like Microsoft Monitor make me a bit more comfortable with at least Jupiter Research.
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Dangerously close to becoming Milton of Office Space fame
I'm in a new cube temporarily. The marketing department here is getting all its cubes torn down and going with a more open floor plan. In the mean time, I sacrificed my nice roomy cube tucked away in the center of the department to go to a dingy cube at the end of the department where everyone can see me. And, of course, I've heard the comments fly. “Nice Cube!” “I love what you've done with the place” “What did you do to deserve this?” “Couldn't they at least have painted the wall behind you with all the black marks on it?” “Hahahahahahaha!!!”

I'm taking one for the team. This is my fourth move in about a 12 month period. I said after the next move I'll just work from home if they want me to move again. At least that way I give the company the ultimate real estate space savings and won't have to worry about moving again. Why do I feel like Milton from Office Space?
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The next Larry Ellison
ZDNet: At the user and developer conference in San Francisco on Monday, chief executive Mark Benioff told ZDNet UK that rival PeopleSoft's decision to acquire J.D. Edwards earlier this year was “like hooking two sinking barges together”. Benioff said his own firm is growing rapidly, with expecting to increase its user base from 115,000 subscribers to more than a million within four years.

Mark Benioff must be taking notes from Larry Ellison on how to make people dislike you. Step one in this process is to put down the competition every chance you get. Step two is to brag about future projections that are likely off the wall. Step three is to repeat step 1 & 2 whenever possible.
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