Thursday, November 13, 2003

Weblogs are one step closer to coming to my company
Weblogs may come to my company soon. I talked yesterday to a new brand manager here and he is all over this. No, he doesn't know what a “weblog” is but he knows the principals behind them. He wants weblogs now. I didn't even bring up the subject, he did. He comes from a magazine editor background and feels that our company can lead the way in our industry in (gasp) putting real people out there on the web representing our company. We're actually in a cool industry, but you'd never know it from looking at the manufacturers' web sites.

The greatest barrier I see in doing weblogs at the moment is legal. Will the lawyers ever let something as open and honest as weblogs fly under the company's banner? I can argue why they should. Besides the obvious benefits of doing a weblog there is an argument against the lawyers on this one: How do you stop employees from saying things you don't want them to when they're not at work? It's true the web would multiply this dilemma by about a thousand, but the issue is still very similar. You have to learn to trust your employees and let them know there are guidelines on what you should and should not publish on your weblog. I think it's that simple. Yes, there will be problems that still arise, but the benefits to the company will likely overwhelm any of the negatives.
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This just in: technology should meet a customer's needs
Information Week: The IBM chairman and CEO says new technology must be applied to practical scenarios for customers.

This is truly profound. I wonder if companies in other industries are catching onto this? The next thing you know, we'll have restaurants serving food people like and department stores selling clothes people want to buy. Oh what a glorious day that will be! Until then, I guess we'll have to leave it to IBM to lead the way in delivering products and services that people will actually use.
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