Monday, November 24, 2003

Microsoft needs to earn our trust
Michael Bernstein: Finally, I'll ask again, if I don't have a viable exit strategy for my data, why would I risk putting it into WinFS in the first place? From Scoble's comments on a post wondering what it will take for people to trust Microsoft.

Excellent point! If WinFS has no exit strategy (I either use WinFS with an all Microsoft stack or I leave it completely), then there is no incentive for people who distrust Microsoft to go along for the ride. It probably doesn't even matter if the product is awesome. Microsoft needs people to trust it. Opening up to the competition can help do that. Create a killer product on open formats and watch the profits continue to roll in. Create a product on closed formats and be ready to watch customers leave you as the competition heats up. Microsoft seems to think just the opposite. Create on closed formats and keep the customer close to home. Create on open formats and watch them flee to the cheapest alternative. Sigh.

Here's another thing for Microsoft to consider: If you're all about building a great platform, then why are you creating CRM and ERP software for the small to midsize business market? Is CRM and ERP software a platform? Possibly, but what does the competition (or partners, depending on which side of the argument you stand on) think about that? And note that the competition is likely using Microsoft products as a platform to deliver their goods. I could list other software like PC games and MSN that pose the same question.
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The ice man cometh
If you saw me come into work this morning you might have thought I was smiling at you like the Joker. No, I wasn't that happy to see you. I likely opened my mouth ever so slightly and the wind and cold took care of the rest. It's officially winter here in Wisconsin.
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