Tuesday, November 25, 2003

First Cleveland, now the US!
Dawn over at Driving with Dawn wants to vote for Dennis Kucinich but has doubts about the country being ready for him. If my memoery serves me correctly, Kucinich was considered one of Cleveland's worst mayors — ever. I grew up just south of Cleveland, plenty of people have a not so nice opinion of Kucinich in those parts.

Personally, I'd like to see Al Sharpton as the candidate for the Democrats. If nothing else, he's funny.
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You too can own a set of my Smurf propaganda
My wife is suddenly trying to sell everything that isn't nailed down or breathing in our house. (I take that back, she asked if we could sell our pets.) Hurry before time runs out and you're left without your very own 7 Smurf Figurines, 15 piece Hair Clipper Set or the many other great items we have listed on eBay. Oh yeah!

P.S. I will throw in a set of Ginsu knives if you take absolutely everything we have on there. I promise to pack it all into one very tiny box so shipping will be about a buck fifty.
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Feeling sick
I don't have a fever. My stomach feels OK. But, my body aches all over. I've been this way since yesterday afternoon and it's a bit puzzling. I usually have a fever when I'm like this. I wonder if that glorious batch of “Chicken Pot Pie” soup from the can my son (Ethan) and I inhaled has only worsened my condition? Nevermind the fact that it smelled like canned dog food. How could something like that possibly be bad for you? Wait, I'm starting to total up the ways and I'm already past keeping count on my fingers. That didn't help me feel any better. Sigh.
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Sterling Hughes and I are on the same page concerning our blogs
Sterling Hughes: But I should make a disclaimer first. Don't take me too seriously. This is just a stupid blog where I talk about what I think at this very moment. I don't totally filter my thoughts, I'm often totally off base. I think alot of things, and some of them get blogged, some don't. I'm biased, and I'll paint stories so that they illustrate my point, not somebody elses.

Sterling is a major contributor to PHP and a variety of other Open Source projects. To me, he's a freaking technical genius. He might dispute that but I won't.

By the way, if you ever feel the need to get your feed of pointless posts via the net look no further.
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Mozilla 1.5 ActiveX control released - more important than you think
Forgot to post this when I first saw it on MozillaZine. This is cool because it allows a developer to use Mozilla as an embedded web browser in his or her application utilizing an almost identical API as that provided by Internet Explorer. An example of this in real use is me with NewzCrawler. You can tell Newzcrawler to use IE or Mozilla as your web browser engine. Guess which one I use? I'll give you a hint, it's not this one noted yesterday as having no less than 5 new serious security vulnerabilities.
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The outsourcing debate goes on
The VentureBlog has an interesting post by Kevin Laws on The Irony of Outsourcing. It clearly defends the use of outsourcing just as it defends the use of modern technology — both often cause job losses in the US. In the comments someone points to this article over at Private Equity Week, which takes the opposite side of the argument. I think both sides have their points. It's a very confusing issue. I continue to ask myself and others this question: Do we really want to see the poorest nations improve their awful conditions if it means fierce competition for our jobs in the US?
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