Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Is it going to rain or shine Thursday?
My wife, son and I are planning on going to Summerfest this Thursday. They're supposed to have quite a bit there that would interest our 2 and a half year old, Ethan. Plus, they'll be doing fireworks that night and Wilco is playing! All this for two bags of kitty litter. Now the question is: Will the weather cooperate? Weather.com says yes. Almost every other report says probably not.

My wife says we're going no matter what. She says I've hyped it up for too long not to go at this point. What have I done?!
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A Java book I may actually buy
Magnus Mickelsson points to a book on utilizing Open Source J2EE technologies coming out in November. The book is written by active community members who know their stuff. I've been wondering how people put all these different technologies together in a way that works in the real world.
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I have a better chance of buying The Pink Panther
My wife uses the cool computer at home — a Mac. It's an older iMac that currently runs OS 9.2 and it crashes at least a couple times a day thanks to Internet Explorer 5.x. I want to upgrade it to OS X but am waiting for the Panther version to come out. I'm not sure if it will run decently on this old G3 400mhz processor, but that's not my biggest problem at this point. My wife asked how much it would cost to upgrade and I said about $100 or so. She said, “I can live with the crashing.” Great, just great!
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