Thursday, July 10, 2003

Busy, busy, busy, etc.
The projects at work are all colliding with each other. I'm enjoying working on each of them but I knew this time was coming where they all get critical at the same point in time. I still have my sanity in tact, although my wife might not quite agree.

I've been wrestling with some PHP stuff (that I originally tried to do in Java) that I want to write a bit about because it might be good for others to reference if they run into the same issues.

Canto claims their Digital Asset Management System (DAM), Cumulus, is easily extensible and it appears to be with the SDK, but getting to that documentation and libraries is like breaking into Fort Knox (or Costco, if you're RC Collins.) I've been trying to get solid API's and docs for the last month and a half. Arrrrgggghhh...
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The Colonel