Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The hardest part of leading a project
I feel like Santa Clause right now. I'm checking my to-do list twice for one of the projects I'm heading up and I realize that I'm now at a point in the project where I'm relying on a whole lot of other people to get the remaining work done. I don't like being bombarded with work, trust me. But, there's a comfort in knowing in every little detail of what's going on. With that said, I'm not a control freak. I'll delegate until I have 100 different people doing all my work if I could. It's just that I find one of the hardest parts of a project is getting it to a point where you've worked really hard to make sure everyone gets what they need then you have to depend on people to do the work you've given them to do. I'm not a very good project manager. I need to learn about actual project management. I'm doing that now in the most inefficient manner: learning as you do it.

I'm sure this project has suffered because of my lack of experience in this area but no one else has wanted to head up this project for the last 3-5 years from what I've been told. In this case I've grown a little bit. I'm not waiting for someone else to stick their neck out and lead — I'm leading more than ever now. I don't necessarily like to lead. I'm quite content to do the job that's requested of me as I follow the leader. But I've noticed people don't want to take any risks lately and I only got more frustrated by the shortsightedness of that thinking. So now I'm leading more projects and taking the risks.
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Scoble wants feedback on the Windows platform
Scoble: Since a few Microsoft employees read my weblog, take a new tact. Instead of saying “stop locking us in the trunk” why don't you tell us what you'd like to see on the Windows platform?

I believe I did this for Scoble a while back.  I think that list is pretty legit. Or is he looking for something more specific to the Windows operating system only?
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