Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Did I mention I HATE Visual Basic?
Hate is a strong word and I guess that is why it fits my feelings for Visual Basic. I've resorted to the lowest common denominator on the script I'm writing for our Digital Asset Management System (Canto's Cumulus 5 Enterprise) — Visual Basic 6. No, I don't want to mess with VB.NET. I'm using components that aren't .NET friendly and I'm not willing to play that game right now. So I'm using a language I always despise. It feels so foreign to me. I find what helps me when working with VB code is to think of how I would do something in another programming language and then do something completely different and bizarre in VB. I'm not just saying this because it's from Microsoft. I think C# looks pretty nice, but Visual Basic (even in .NET) just sucks. The more I use it, the more I find to hate about it.

As if that weren't bad enough, Canto has the most ridiculous restrictions on their API's. You can use the VB and AppleScript APIs free of charge (included with your license of the software), but if you want the Java API that will set you back at least $995 a year. What?!!! Yes, I let my reps at Canto know that this was one of the more backwards software related policies I've encountered lately. I actually asked them what year it was. I said if the year was 1985 I might have bought into their closed box mentality, but it's not and things have changed for the better. They gave me the excuse that the company is German owned and really paranoid about who gets access to their API's, etc. I thought about that after the phone call and came to the conclusion that it makes absolutely no sense. They're paranoid that someone might want to use and maybe even enhance the Cumulus product?! That's all you can really do with the API. And don't tell me someone wants to reverse engineer Cumulus. That application has changed much since the early-mid 90's. Canto isn't exactly taking over the world in the DAM market, so the weird obsession over keeping the API's locked up tight is puzzling. It's worth a laugh if nothing else.

Now it's back to finishing this lovely little script. Yeah baby!
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