Monday, July 21, 2003

My take on Microsoft's killing innovation in the web browser
IE development is dead: CNET

You’re right Microsoft will kill anything and everything that gets in its way, but I think IE being stagnate for at least two years (if not longer) as people wait for Microsoft’s next big OS release (Longhorn) is not good for anyone, even MS. Remember, there are still a lot of people that haven’t upgraded from Windows 9x to XP. It will probably take at least 7 years before enough people upgrade to Longhorn to experience a modern web browser from Microsoft. I don’t really care if people upgrade or not, I just don’t like what Microsoft has done to the web as a result of its “embrace and exterminate” behavior in regards to the web browser. Everything that makes the Internet and the web great are the very things Microsoft has tried to twist until they break and become MS only standards. On top of the IE debacle we’ve had other great MS Internet/Open initiatives like: ActiveX, the abysmal MS “Java” JVM, Outlook/Exchange, MS Kerberos (breaks the Kerberos standards), blah, blah, blah…

Anyway, the main point here is that IE 6 SP1 being the last standalone version of Microsoft’s web browser is bad news for users and developers alike. Because IE has a strangle hold on the browser market, the chance of innovation in web apps is next to none. Think about it this way: What if Netscape had been able to monopolize the browser market like MS does today and they were able to leave the web browser at Netscape version 4? Imagine no one upgrading their browser from Netscape 4. Everyone would think that we had reached the pinnacle of web apps with all that could (or couldn’t) be done within Netscape 4 because that is all most of us would know about. This is what we have today with IE 6 being the last standalone version of that browser. We may think IE 6 isn’t bad but what are we missing out on as a result of the lack of progress and innovation? What web apps do you enjoy using (or even develop) today that wouldn’t be around if Netscape 4 was the de facto web browser right now?

Now I must step off my soap box and run before Thomas gets a hold of me!
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PeopleSoft and JD Edwards become one
The Register is spreading the news of PeopleSoft's majority control of JD Edwards. Hopefully this is enough to fend off Oracle from a hostile takeover of PeopleSoft.  If not, JD Edwards customers are in even more trouble than PeopleSoft customers. I think Oracle bails out of its pursuit for PeopleSoft and turns its focus on BEA or maybe even Siebel. I think BEA may make sense for Oracle, Siebel would probably not.  But, as we've seen with Oracle's attempt to overtake PeopleSoft, it doesn't have to make sense in order for Oracle to try it.
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