Monday, July 28, 2003

Web services: Hype and more hype
Snellspace: Who can reasonably expect competing companies to actively cooperate with one another when there is so much bad blood between them? If left strictly to technology vendors, Web services will end up like every other over-hyped technology that came before — fractured, incomplete and ultimately inadequate.

Once upon a time I thought web services would actually crack the wall of proprietary lock-in and open up the opportunity to use technologies across many diverse platforms. I've watched companies like IBM, Microsoft, Sun and others play politics with the numerous web services standards. I've seen very little in return from any of the big boys. It's the same old, same old.

James is right. Why do we expect competing vendors who despise each other to come together to create standards they can all agree upon? I think it has a lot to do with the fact that as soon as a large corporation gets their fingers in the mix things tend to get a whole lot more complex and political. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Sun, Apple, etc. seem to do their best work when fighting each other outside of the ring of standards committees. At least there they provide technology that users can touch and see, even if it tends to be rather proprietary.
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If you were born in the 1800's...

The Fury of The Cow!: Oldy times You ever wonder what you would have been doing had you been born in like the 1800's? Would you be out on the frontier? Working as a sailor on a ship headed to Europe? I'd probably have been an accountant. That makes the daydreaming about it pretty dull.


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Random thoughts on the real estate biz
My wife and I are on both ends of the real estate business. We have a house in Ohio that we've been trying to sell for over nine months now and we're also looking at buying a house in Wisconsin, in the Madison area. Here are some of my observations in no particular order:

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