Thursday, July 03, 2003

How does Dan Gillmor get away with saying this stuff?!
Gillmor: This is how some prominent Republican “patriots” behave, in their jihad to turn America into a one-party government and roll back social and economic policies to the era before the New Deal. They crave a time when what little government we had existed mainly to ensure that the rich and powerful would remain that way, and to make sure the little people didn't get out of line by having too much liberty.

It's a free country, but how does Dan Gillmor's employer (Knight Ridder) put up with this? Worse, why does it promote Dan so heavily? Especially when you consider that almost all of Dan's posts on politics are more of this same sort of drivel.
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Gotta love PeopleSoft's quick thinking
ZDNet: PeopleSoft said over half those sales would come from contracts covered by a new customer-protection program that industry watchers said was a takeover defence in disguise.

I don't know if this is legal or not, but it's pure genius. You boost your sales and protect yourself from a hostile takeover all with the same tactic! I think there's a saying for this. Something about killing some birds with a heavy rock...
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Dave Winer makes sense and extends an olive branch
I've stayed away from this whole Echo project that has a gang of the weblog community publically feuding with Dave Winer, who made much of what the Echo project is trying to reinvent happen in the first place. Dave has made mistakes over this as I'm sure we all have with things we're passionate about. But, he doesn't deserve the ridicule I've seen from a number of people. The attacks often get personal and don't address any real issues.

Dave wrote a short essay today on why he's concerned about the Echo project and what he's waiting to hear from those involved. I think he's being very resonable in this essay. He did, afterall, invent the very technologies that the people behind Echo seem hell bent to tear down and then bring back to much of its original form.
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