Monday, August 11, 2003

James Snell concedes Echo, RSS, Atom, etc. debate is idiotic
James Snell: My word, this is pure idiocy. All of it is. The whole RSS/[Echo|Atom|Whatever] discussion is idiotic. At first, I supported the new effort because I thought it could lead to real changes. Now I see that the personalities involved simply won't allow real change to occur. If I was Mr. Safe, I'd throw the whole lot of you out the door.

James finally came to his senses. This whole debate is ludicrous. The personalities are very strong, too strong. People should just create what they create and try to make it a success. I don't understand why everything in technology is a competition. We all think we're right about everything so that's why I say: create, sell it and let the marketplace of ideas and commerce decide who comes out of it alive. Don't get all bent out of shape if the “other guy” doesn't like your stuff, your personality, your choice in food, clothing, friends, etc. Agree to disagree and get on with it.

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