Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Getting lost in a design
I'm finishing up reviewing some preliminary code and documenation I wrote to help prototype a database schema I'm proposing we use for a project here. The project is both an online and print catalog. It has lots of models in it that fall under a lot of different categories, subcategories and sub-subcategories. The models then can have many SKUs/parts related to it. On top of that, each SKU has a set of attributes that make it unique like sizes, color, material, etc. All of this stuff has to allow the user to drill down into the catalog in order to find the part the user is looking for. It's not rocket science, but it makes my brain hurt.

It gets worse. I'm looking at the SQL I made last minute changes to late last week and realize I'm not all that sure what I'm doing anymore. I've twisted things around so much that I'm not confident this is going to work. Hmmm...

I guess I should've paid better attention to how I've done this type of stuff in the past. The only difference this time around is that this catalog has a few more relationships that make things all the trickier. So now I get to make the long walk down the hall and face the developers with this concept I'm not even sure about anymore. Oh will the fun ever stop?
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