Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Another example of great customer service
I'm a Netflix subscriber. Before my wife and son were up here in Wisconsin with me, the unlimited rentals for $19.95 a month was great. I watched probably 10 movies a month. But, now that my wife and son are here I'd rather spend time with them than with all those movies (imagine that) so I was going to cancel the account. I figured for the DVD's I really wanted to rent, I would make the journey over to Hollywood Video or Blockbuster. I would probably normally rent about 3-5 movies a month tops.

So I go to cancel my account, which was very straight forward to do via the Netflix web site. I was going to cancel when Netflix offered one last chance to save my business with this:

Excellent service! Rather than lose my business, Netflix offers something that actually makes more sense for me. They could have just given me a message letting me know how much they appreciated my business or nagged me to stay with them. Or, worse yet, they could have made it almost impossible to cancel. They didn't and I'm still a satisfied Netflix subscriber.
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