Monday, August 25, 2003

XML can do it all and then some!
I overheard someone at work (a non-IT employee) explaining to his (also non-IT employees) buddies the wonders of XML. He basically ended the conversation with: This whole XML thing can save the world! It was ludicrous what the guy was talking about. He said stuff like, “Yeah, if we used XML in our product life cycle management system we could have all these manuals you see here personalized based on what a person needs to see. It would do it all automatically. The person would select what info they need to see and then the manual would be assembled on the fly. No more static manuals that contain data the customer doesn't want to see! It's that powerful.” As his buddies' eyes glazed over at the thought of this conversation going on any longer, the guy continued. “If we used XML correctly here, we'd probably all be out of jobs! I better shut up about it before someone gets any ideas.”

I've found XML to fix lots of problems. Just the other day I was running late so I quickly got out some XML and suddenly found myself on time, even early. I walked my dog with XML. My son reads and writes in XML. I don't actually do any work during the day. Why? Because XML does it all for me. It's quite a powerful tool this XML is. Afterall, XML stands for: eXtraordinary Magical Language.
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Punch Drunk Love? How about Punch Junk
I'm about 3/4 of the way through Punch Drunk Love and have to say it is horrible. I can handle weird movies. I liked Adaptation quite a bit. But Punch Drunk tries to be so smart and different that it becomes a bore. If you want to create a surreal world, please make it one that people might find the least bit interesting.

...Must turn off the DVD player...all thought and power sucked from my being...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Real estate woes and successes

Real estate is hot. Real estate is not hot. Both statements are true. As always, it comes down to location. If you are on the west coast, you're probably seeing a hot market. If you're in the mid-west or other areas, the chances of the market being hot are so-so. Regardless, here is an update on our real estate adventures:

Our house in Ohio is getting close to being sold. We get back the inspection contingency tomorrow. It sounds like the buyers want us to take care of some heating and cooling issues with the house. We'll probably meet them half way. We want the house sold and we know they need to relocate very soon. I consider this a loss for us because we've been hammered on the price already and we're about to give in at least a bit more. Such is life. It's only money, right?

We think we may have found one of the best deals in the area. I can't say much more than that because we're in the process of seeing if we can get it. Once I know more one way or the other, I will put the details down. I guarantee you it's a steal.

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