Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Why Oracle is the best database around

I love these reasons John Lim over at PHPEverywhere gives for making Oracle the database of one's choice:

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Taking database abstraction to the next level
TheServerSide.com has a post about a project called Liberty that claims it goes a step further than JDBC in that it will allow you to program to one (Java) API for databases from many different vendors. It sounds interesting, but I have my doubts on how well it will work considering the db vendors seem to do everything just different enough to make every developer's life miserable.
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Look up and see Mars tonight

Being the big astronomer that I am, I thought I owed it to all two of you who read this weblog to note that Jenny at 111:2 points out that Mars is closer to earth tonight than it's been in 60,000 years. Our favorite jhawk over at The Fury of The Cow! also points this out. 

Since I live in the middle of nowhere (Waterloo, WI), I probably see more stars than most scientists using those gargantuan telescopes. And yes, I believe I've seen Mars over the past few nights. Either that or it was a neon yellow/orangish plane making very tight circles just to mess with my mind.

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