Friday, August 29, 2003

Come on all you stalkers!
I know I'm going to regret this someday. You'll hear me on one of those horrific news magazine shows saying something like, “I hesitated to put up pictures of the new house we were purchasing; especially since it had the address right on the page. But, I didn't think anyone read The Colonel Sander's Conspiracy and, even if they did, surely they would pity me after reading my posts. So, now here I am, yet another victim telling the world (through broadcast television) about the dangers of posting too much info on one's weblog.”

Oh well, here it goes. We should close on this bad boy within about 30 days. The great thing we found out today (while taking the pictures) is that our neighbors (the only ones on the cul de sac) our very wealthy as they own some sort of construction company. Their house is very nice, which only makes me happier. You always want to have those types of homes around.
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Sometimes you just can't win
Charles Krauthammer from the Washington Post: Despite his personal views, Pryor was unequivocal in ordering the removal. He was equally unequivocal in his reason for doing so: The rule of law supersedes everything. And when a federal court issues an order, there is no standing in the schoolhouse door. For his pains, Pryor was picketed by 150 religious protesters calling for his resignation.

Pryor has more recently been attacked from a different quarter. Senate Democrats have blocked his nomination to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on the grounds of his personal beliefs. “His beliefs are so well known, so deeply held,” charged his chief antagonist, Sen. Charles Schumer, “that it's very hard to believe — very hard to believe — that they're not going to deeply influence the way he comes about saying, 'I will follow the law.' ”

It sounds like Bill Pryor just can't win. One side is protesting his decision in Alabama as anti-Christian, while the other side says he's too Christian to be sworn in to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. I imagine Bill is pulling his hair out right about now. The way I would look at it is this: You're probably doing the right thing because neither side is happy. Doing the right thing doesn't often get you a lot of friends. Be weary if any side of the political spectrum embraces you with open arms. You're probably pleasing people, but you may not be pleasing God.
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A good laugh for Friday
From an email about a web development project going on: “Well I looked at the cache stats page and it seems like the code I have is dragging down the store stuff. The code I have includes the store classes. I’m not sure why, possibly the db connection stuff, but that seems to be the problem.

I am going to quit this project for now until we can work out something that doesn’t blow everything up.”

...Until we can work out something that doesn't blow everything up?! Classic.
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One way to greet a person in the morning

jhawk over at The Fury of The Cow! overhears a co-worker: “You're hopeless, I hope your car catches fire.”

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The end of IT as we know it

Steve Heath: However I think that the software services which companies will have to offer in the future will have to compete more on price than on any other factor - the re-use factor will narrow quality differences and it'll all get.. well.. boring. So, what next? You want fries with that?

Steve's talking mainly about business system programming and, in that context, I would have to agree with him. Offshore outsourcing and improved coding tools and techniques is making business software development very price competitive. But, there are still a lot of business processes and problems that need technology help — badly. Look at small to medium sized businesses for ideas on where innovation needs to and is happening within business system programming.

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PostgreSQL takes the next step, gets replication
PHPEverywhere points to the PostgreSQL announcement that the formally commercial replication product, eRServer, is now Open Source. Excellent news! If PostgreSQL can get better replication it will be hard to argue against. Of course, MySQL now has SAP DB and I believe they're talking about adding MySQL's replication to the robust SAP database software. Competition is good.
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