Saturday, August 09, 2003

I'm becoming an insomniac
I discovered that I'm an insomniac when left alone. My wife and son are visiting friends and family in Ohio right now. Ever since they left I've been staying up way later than I ever did when they're here. It's strange. Even when I think I'm tired I just seem to stay awake. The only other change I've made is that I'm walking a lot more at night before I go to sleep. Maybe that's not helping matters? Hmmm...
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Corn furnace not included
My wife and I have been looking at houses in the Madison, WI area. We didn't get the fixer upper we had placed a bid on this past week. Oh well.

While looking at houses for sale by owner I ran across this listing (already sold) that reads: (Shed in back and corn furnace not included.) I would have negotiated to get the corn furnace thrown in. I don't know how you cope in Wisconsin without a corn furnace.
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The Colonel