Friday, September 12, 2003

Internet Explorer plug-ins disaster coming
Zeldman: Besides paying over half a billion dollars to the patent holder, Microsoft is supposed to cripple its market-leading browser so that IE/Windows will no longer seamlessly play Flash, Quicktime, RealVideo, or Adobe Acrobat files, Java applets, and other rich media formats.

I know this isn't news per se but it looks like plug-ins as we know them in IE (and possibly other browsers) are really going away. I don't use plug-ins normally, but that doesn't make this horrible patent ruling any easier to swallow. I wonder how much Microsoft loves patents now?
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God bless Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash was an incredible artist. Listening to his music gives you the sense of what the gospel and blues are about all at the same time. There's something about his voice and his approach that had its feet firmly planted on the ground while still managing to sail outside the boundaries of this world. Johnny held tightly to God and, as is always the case, God held on even tighter to Johnny. It's sad to wake up and hear that this legend (and still relevant musician) has passed away. He's moved onto a better place. Thank you God for allowing us to have him for the time we did.
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The Colonel