Tuesday, September 02, 2003

John Edwards' stance on abortion
Jason Steffens over at Antioch Road points out that John Edwards believes abortion should be legal, but only until “the fetus has reached viability.” Jason asks a great question: Where in the Constitution is there a basis for drawing a viability distinction?

And, as even science is proving to the dismay of pro abortion supporters, life begins at the earliest stages of pregnancy. If the pregnant mother who has an abortion is not taking a life, then why do we put teenage girls and boys on trial for killing their new born children? Is it because the teens on trial put the grisly details in our face and the abortion's ugliness is hidden?
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64-bit x86 server biz is a little slow right now

The Register: The Itanium market is not for the faint of heart. One quarter you can be king of the world only to find yourself at the bottom of the heap three months later. Case in point. Dell sold 14 Itanium servers versus 0 from IBM in Q1. In the second quarter, IBM was the one selling 13 systems versus Dell's 0. You win some, you lose some.

Those numbers are accurate. It's not 13,000 or 13 million or even 130 Itanium systems sold — it's 13. Yikes! AMD, while off to just about as slow a start as Intel in the 64-bit processor race, appears to have a better plan with their Opteron processor. They're beating Intel at its own game. By providing solid 32-bit compatibility, AMD allows companies to purchase 64-bit chips now that may only run 32-bit apps or just a handful of 64-bit apps. Intel was always the company that tended to make the slightly less inferior CPU but got the biggest piece of the market share pie. Now it appears that Intel is trying to make Itanium the superior processor at the price of backwards compatibility. AMD may very well have the inferior CPU this time around and they may also be the ones at the top of the desktop and server mountain within five to seven years from now.

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