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CNET: Study finds early Apache code so-so

The article is about a study a code quality analysis company did, Reasoning, on Apache 2 code.  It finds 0.53 defects per thousand lines of code compared to 0.51 for commercial software on average. So, doesn't that make both Open Source and commercial software so-so, not just Apache code or Open Source code as the article implies? It gets worse:

The comparable defect rate indicates that open-source software starts out as raw as proprietary software, but Reasoning said that ultimately open-source software has the potential to exceed proprietary software in quality.

I find it very interesting that a CNET editor decided to run the headline that Apache's code is “so-so”, while the article points out that, not only does Apache's early code have about the same defect rate as most commercial packages but it has potential to exceed proprietary software in code quality! This warrants an article title that implies Apache's code is not all that great? Hmmm...
Posted on 07/02/03 - Category: Technology

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