Last minute projects
I worked on a very last minute project last week. I got it up and running within a couple of days — enough time for those heading up the project to review the work. I didn't hear anything back. I requested feedback several times — nothing. I figured the work was OK so on Thursday last week it went live on the site. The person heading up the project comings rushing into my cube this morning saying it was a disaster. The data wasn't complete and they had to fix it themselves. I apologized for the mistake on my part and let it go at that. Mind you, I wouldn't know if the data was complete or right but oh well. In a follow up email I added that next time we need to review the work before it goes live. Isn't this just common sense? If it was important enough for her to come and make me aware of the problem she already emailed me on earlier, then shouldn't it be important enough to take five minutes and review the work? She claimed last week that she was “swamped.” Fair enough. But don't expect things to go off without a hitch when you're not willing to finish the job.

In the end, I admit I should have pushed harder for a review prior to go-live and not let the project go live until it got signed off on. That is completely my fault and that is why I needed to apologize.

Alright, it's over. I've made my point clear and whined enough already this morning. I'm praying God gives me patience and strength to let it go and improve on things for the future.
Posted on 07/07/03 - Category: General

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