The RIAA first concern is for the artist
CNET: This has to do with artists and creators. Artists and creators, like anybody else who creates something, should have the right to sell what they create...Indeed, most artists spend a lifetime trying to sell the result of their efforts to record companies so that they may make a living making music. At the end of the day, that is a great thing for music lovers--otherwise artists would have a lot less time to create the music we all love.

Does the RIAA expect us to believe the line that their case is all about the artists and creators? No way. This is about an industry that is being turned upside down and wants to protect its old way of doing this. If this was about the artists, then the RIAA would be pushing for P2P networks to work even better. Artists benefit from the power of the Internet, old school record labels do not.
Posted on 07/07/03 - Category: Music

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