PeopleSoft and JD Edwards become one
The Register is spreading the news of PeopleSoft's majority control of JD Edwards. Hopefully this is enough to fend off Oracle from a hostile takeover of PeopleSoft.  If not, JD Edwards customers are in even more trouble than PeopleSoft customers. I think Oracle bails out of its pursuit for PeopleSoft and turns its focus on BEA or maybe even Siebel. I think BEA may make sense for Oracle, Siebel would probably not.  But, as we've seen with Oracle's attempt to overtake PeopleSoft, it doesn't have to make sense in order for Oracle to try it.
Posted on 07/21/03 - Category: Technology

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jhawk wrote:

Ack. We have a TMS from Siebel here at work. Worst thing I've ever used.

07/22/03 01:55:06 PM

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