I'm the one you love to hate
I used to despise those guys and gals who would hand me a list full of “bugs” concerning a new section or web app I was working on. Worse, those “bugs” were often cosmetic. “Move this image a little more to the left.” “This text shouldn't wrap here.” “Put back the line that's in the spec.” “Blah, blah, blah...” Well guess what I've been doing for the last month on one of my projects? Yep, I'm the guy that people despise. I'm pointing out all the little things that need to be tidied up before we demo the new app. And, yes, I'm getting the groans of frustration that I know all too well what they mean. At least I provide pretty good specs and screens to go off of. All my requests have been to have the screens look exactly like the screens show. Oh the joy of being the nitpicky pest!
Posted on 07/23/03 - Category: General

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