Random thoughts on the real estate biz
My wife and I are on both ends of the real estate business. We have a house in Ohio that we've been trying to sell for over nine months now and we're also looking at buying a house in Wisconsin, in the Madison area. Here are some of my observations in no particular order:

Posted on 07/28/03 - Category: General

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Sharon wrote:

Thank you for writing this article called random thoughts on the real estate biz. This article really spoke to me. My husband and I are looking to buy a condo or single family in the high-priced market surrounding Chicago--Des Plaines, IL, etc. I am very confused and anxious about the whole process and I feel very uncomfortable working with real estate agents. The home buying process is making me sick! There's some things about renting I will miss. I cannot figure out whether to wait prices plateau or bid on a property now. Thank you for the reminder that buying a house will not necessarily bring happiness.

09/01/03 08:53:43 PM

jhoover wrote:

Thanks for the encouraging words Sharon. It's a strange and wild journey buying a home. Best wishes with your hunt!

09/02/03 06:08:27 PM

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