Web sites crashing and burning, a low bid and a new business idea
I'm not happy with our hosting provider today. First our main consumer site has a reported outage. Then I can't get to the stats server (very slow and I don't have a login for one of the sites). Last, one of our sites seems to have database issues of some sort and it's been going on for at least a few hours now. Stuff breaks, things happen. I know this, but I can't help but get frustrated when it happens to a vendor I'm recommending to those inside and outside my company. Arrrggghhh...

My wife and I placed an outrageously low bid on a rather bad house in a very good neighborhood. I'm expecting the seller to come back with their asking price or close to it. Then it's likely game over because that will be a sign that they're offended by the low offer and are going to play hardball. I'll be happy either way. The house needs tons of work, so it's no loss to me to not have to put the time into that. I don't find much fun in fixing houses up, that's just me. If we get it, then we got a solid deal and a decent investment. Either way I see it as a win-win. We should find out tomorrow what happens next.

I woke up this morning and for some reason started thinking about small businesses and their need for inexpensive collaboration software ala Exchange/Outlook, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes, etc. I know there is Exchange hosting that is decent on price but it lacks the more current features like web conferencing and file sharing. There's also the potential to do fax and maybe even voicemail. I'm thinking a Salesforce.com or CrownPeak ASP of the collaboration software market for small businesses. The one million dollar question is whether small businesses would buy into this or not. Do they really need it? I think they do. I sat in a small real estate business last night and couldn't help but notice how much they could benefit from an easy to use, powerful collaboration service. Hook it up to other hosted services like salesforce.com, CrownPeak, etc. and you could have an affordable and killer small biz business solution.
Posted on 07/30/03 - Category: General

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