Cool thing about Open Source
Sterling Hughes: It's starting to do a very nice job of forcing commercial producers to innovate, even in some cases to the detriment of their other products.

For example, if Microsoft doesn't come out with software and hardware for its new set top box that allows you to record TV shows and burn them to DVD, stream shows over the network, etc. Then they will lose marketshare to the open source products that do. These open source products cannot be killed by big corporations, they cannot go out of business, they are unkillable competition.

That's a great point. I especially like the part about Open Source products not being able to be killed by big corporations or going out of business. I think a lot of people miss this point about Open Source. Have you run into a company that invested heavily in a piece of software only to watch that software be discontinued even though the company is using it for day-to-day operations? I have plenty of times. It isn't pretty. At least Open Source projects give you options. Hire some developers. Join other companies to support the project and everyone benefits. There are a lot of possibilities.

Posted on 08/07/03 - Category: Technology

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