Corn furnace not included
My wife and I have been looking at houses in the Madison, WI area. We didn't get the fixer upper we had placed a bid on this past week. Oh well.

While looking at houses for sale by owner I ran across this listing (already sold) that reads: (Shed in back and corn furnace not included.) I would have negotiated to get the corn furnace thrown in. I don't know how you cope in Wisconsin without a corn furnace.
Posted on 08/09/03 - Category: General

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ed bossert wrote:

if you need a corn stove or furnace go to and click on fire places best deal around & only 35 min from madison wis

08/14/03 08:45:07 AM

jhoover wrote:

This is the best Ed! Considering the condition of our electric grids and the rising cost of oil, maybe the whole corn furnace isn't such a bad idea afterall. Either that or a small personal sized nuclear power plant. Hey, I think I'm onto something now!

08/16/03 06:57:49 PM

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