When technology doesn't keep up with business' needs
When working on a project there's not much worse you can say than, “our technology doesn't support that.” The “that” refers to a particular business need. When you tell me that your technology cannot support a business need, guess what? The technology needs to be reevaluated - immediately.

The reason I bring this up is because I've heard this phrase said numerous times over the past month or so. The middleware package of choice here that runs on an iSeries (AS/400) is powerful but behind the times, not unlike the iSeries! This middleware package is now presenting roadblocks to achieving the goals of some of the projects I'm involved with. Some of the roadblocks are being taken care of by paying premium rates for a contractor to get around the deficiencies of the middleware, but other roadblocks remain.

Like most technologies, this one has its fair share of advocates within the company. The advocates don't want to admit that the technology is not keeping up with the needs of the business. They don't want to learn something new. They don't want to admit to something that they equate to “defeat.” I can't say I blame them. I've been in their shoes before. But, eventually you have to do what is best for the company overall.

There are plenty of very old applications and technologies running many businesses all around the world. Obviously, I'm not asking for a rip and replace of all technology that seems out-of-date or just not very cool anymore. All I want is an honest evaluation of technology within a company. In the 90's we had company's buying technology they didn't need. I'm afraid in 2003 we may be doing just the opposite, not buying the technology we need. There is a delicate balance that needs to be found in order for companies to make sure their technology meets their business needs.
Posted on 08/15/03 - Category: Technology

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