The Christian marketplace confuses me
I got this one from Jason Steffens over at Antioch Road. What can I say, he's on a role!

Jared Bridges over at TruePravda writes about Family Christian Stores deciding to open its stores up on Sunday. TruePravda argues FCS shouldn't be ashamed of running a business, but don't call your business a ministry. You may sell some stuff that helps people to grow closer to God, but you may just as well sell stuff that simply slaps God's name on it in order to appeal to the Christian consumer.

I commented on Jared's post about my confusion over the whole Christian marketplace thing. I used Rick Warren's “Purpose Driven xxxxxx” series of books, videos, etc. as an example since I just recently covered one of the books in a small group. I can't help but think that there's something wrong with this whole profiting from your ministry. You have a right to make a living and even become rich, but should you make a living and even become rich off your ministry?
Posted on 09/03/03 - Category: Religion

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Brian wrote:

It?s good to see I'm not the only one questioning business vs. ministry and trying to figure out what source we (Christians) should strive to pay the bills with, and what we shouldn?t.

09/04/03 12:58:08 PM

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