The forgotten middleware
One of the first middleware/scripting languages I learned way back when was Blueworld's Lasso. The company had the best middleware for getting FileMaker Pro databases (stop laughing) hosted on Macs on the web. I watched Lasso grow over the years. First they started to expand the operating system options by supporting Windows. At the same time they started using ODBC to allow use of databases other than FileMaker Pro. There were a lot of other features added as time went by but nothing Earth shattering. It took Blueworld quite some time to make the major architecture change that they now benefit from. I had learned other technologies by that time and didn't get a chance to continue working with Lasso much after that.

Blueworld announced Lasso 7 today and it sounds really exciting. Lots of great new features and even more platforms supported. If you're looking for a powerful middleware package that is likely to pleasantly surprise you, I suggest you check out Lasso. Congratulations to the entire team at Blueworld on what looks like another impressive realease.
Posted on 09/09/03 - Category: Technology

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