Scott McNealy just does not get it
ZDNet: McNealy said such a change in IT buying and distribution is a major shift. He likened it to moving everyone away from building their own custom airplane to everyone buying a seat on an airplane run by the airlines. - Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems CEO

Yawn. McNealy jumps on Ellison's bandwagon by touting the end of IT as we know it with massive consolidation and outsourcing. Did I mention McNealy was speaking at Ellison's party? Either way, Sun's CEO is lost in the forest. He sees his companies sales going way down and figures this means there is no longer a need for highly strategic IT within most businesses today. His quote makes it sound like all of IT is simply a matter of operations. Taking that point of view will sink a business sooner rather than later. So you outsource your IT needs and lower your overall costs in the process. Now when you need IT to help you achieve your business goals who is on your payroll that understands both the tech and your business? Sure, Scott would love for you to hand over your IT needs to companies like his. Afterall, he desperately needs the revenue.
Posted on 09/10/03 - Category: Technology

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