Scoble and his 1,000 days of Longhorn
Scoble: Maybe I should do something like that for Longhorn. Problem is, there's probably more than 1000 new Longhorn features. How about “the 1000 days of Longhorn?”

Hey Scoble, if you start now you'd probably still have time to spare before the official release of Longhorn.
Posted on 09/11/03 - Category: Technology

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jhawk wrote:

How many “undocumented” features are there? 1000 more chances of security holes?

09/11/03 02:55:16 PM

jhoover wrote:

I'd have to say over 1,000 since holes like those in DCOM and Internet Explorer seem to give back at least 1 more bug on top of the one that was fixed.

09/11/03 03:24:38 PM

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