Thoughts on September 11th
9/11 will always be a significant event in my life even though I wasn’t anywhere close to any of the cities that were attacked. I guess this is not unlike people who were around during JFK’s assassination and other historical events – the impact is huge.

I don’t think I learned much about the politics of it all. Politics are what they are. We live in a sinful world, run by sinful people. Chances are pretty good that life on Earth isn't going to be so grand when you take that formula into account. It's sad and tragic, but nonetheless true. I think everyone went soul searching after 9/11. Unfortunately, I think most of us have stopped the soul searching and gotten back to the daily grind. God had our attention for a moment, but we all seem to have attention deficit disorder and only a short-term memory. We're back to obsessing over things like Ben and J-Lo, reality TV shows and a bunch of other pop culture crap. Either people have found their peace and moving on, or they've simply given up to the inane.

Today is the two year anniversary of 9/11, yet it was on 9/9 of this year that I got chills from the haunting memories of 9/11 left us with. The chills came from watching Jay Leno of all places. I caught Wilco on Leno that night and they played their song, Jesus Etc. The words were written many months prior to 9/11 but you'd have a hard time convincing someone of that. References to tall buildings shaking, voices escaping and singing sad songs, last cigarettes, skyscrapers scraping together... It's eerie to say the least and to hear it a couple of days before the anniversary of 9/11 stopped me cold. I couldn't help but question whether I even remember 9/11 all that well. Did I remember the sense of panic? The anger? The confusion? Anything at all? I'm still wrestling with those questions.

God got my attention on 9/11, but now I have to wonder if he's lost it. There's work to be done, houses to buy and sell, places to go, people to see, etc. And yet, I'm left here wondering, on the two year anniversary of the worst tragedy my eyes have witnessed on live television, if I've learned anything at all from it all. Did God change me or was it just a passing emotional experience? That's an extremely hard question to answer. The hardest part is coming to terms with an answer I won't like.
Posted on 09/11/03 - Category: General

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