Sell a house, launch a CMS implementation, and pondering a switch from Java to PHP
This post will show up as Wednesday, but it's still Tuesday as far as I'm concerned.

Today my wife and I signed the papers to close on the sale of our house in Ohio. It seems like this day would never come. Now we just need to close on the purchase of our new home in Wisconsin next week. That includes having to move, which is always a joy.

We're about to go live with our first site based on CrownPeak Technology's CMS. You may be reading an article in the near future about it in ComputerWorld. At least that's what a little birdie told me.

I've managed to schedule 5 meetings between the hours of 8:30AM - 1:30PM. What am I smoking? I look at my calendar and it shows things are fairly open every other day of the week. There's nothing quite like slamming yourself with meetings, especially morning meetings.

I'm considering consolidating all the company's web sites to PHP rather than Java. Most of our sites' applications are simple and Java does not cater to fast and flexible development for these types of small web apps (IMO, of course.) I've been thinking about this for quite sometime. I knew I wanted all the sites on Linux and I thought I wanted them all using Java for the small number of dynamic applications that would be needed after CrownPeak was in place across the board. But, now I'm starting to think PHP is a better choice. I've always been critical of IT managers who choose a technology just because it's the more popular choice to make. I'm afraid I would be falling into the same trap by adopting Java for our consumer web sites. I would overpay for development and support all just to say that I was using an “industry standard.” I'm still looking for feedback from our various vendors who provide development services, as well as our hosting provider, who prefers Java and Oracle. I don't want to jump the gun on this, but I also don't want to promote an overkill technology solution for our rather simple needs. I'm curious to talk to our vendors to see how they react and what thoughts they have on it.

That's about it. I've got to send some emails and then it's off to bed. I'm becoming an insomniac again. I can just feel it.
Posted on 09/17/03 - Category: General

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