Ahhhh... (That was a sigh of relief, kind of.)

The web site with the new CrownPeak CMS launched yesterday and things are going quite well with it. We're going to be doing training soon for the day-to-day users to start using the CMS. It's a huge switch in mentality. Before we could push ownership of the data off to an agency and blame them for lack of updates or incorrect information. The users say they'll love having ownership. I say it will take some time for them to understand what the means and how it changes their jobs. In the end, it's a great thing. Now for the fun part of getting people to use a new system...

God is certainly testing me in the areas of patience and controlling my tongue lately. I'm sad to report I'd be given, at best a “D-” for my efforts in those two departments. I have three major projects at work all at different phases but all demanding a lot of me all at once. Coming into this week my wife and I were still trying to sell our house. We're closing on a new house next week. We have to move out of our apartment by the 25th of next week. I've had to make a bazillion calls for the sale of the old house, the new house and for moving related stuff. It's been so chaotic and through it all I've managed to lose my patience with just about every person I've come in contact with in the last few days — just ask my wife, son (if he could carry a full conversation with you ) and my co-workers. Then there's the issue of controlling my tongue. Anger tends to lead to saying things you shouldn't about people. I've torn into everyone from real estate agents, insurance agents, product managers, buyers, IT developers...the list just goes on and on. Maybe some of them deserved it, but I never once took a second to stop and pray about it. I simply let the words fly and the consequences follow as they may. I don't normally get like this and I hate it. I prayed this afternoon that God would give me some patience and control in what I say because I'm losing it.
Posted on 09/18/03 - Category: General

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