Searching for new long distance service
With moving comes all the fun stuff like turning off utilities at the old place and turning them on at another. With this comes the fun of deciding what to do for long distance. Since we live out in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin (Reeseville, WI to be specific), the cell phone service is a wee bit unreliable. So, all those unlimited night and weekend long distance minutes don't do us much good. That means I had to pick a long distance carrier. I hate long distance plans that charge a monthly fee. I refuse to pay a monthly fee. I also don't care for the 10-10 type numbers due to some weird billing issues I've run into in the past. So, that leaves me with looking at the “alternative” long distance providers out there. I searched and searched on the net until I finally found one that seems to be decent and maybe even legit. BigRedWire. No monthly fee. Online billing and up to the last phone call usage stats. State-to-state calls are $.04 per minute. In state long distance calls are $.05 cents per minute. You can get $5.00 per month to call other BRW members. So, of course, if this works out well I'll be hawking the BRW service to all my friends and family.

I'm sure I'll be seeing that BRW is just some sort of online scheme and I'll be paying the real long distance provider about $5.67 per minute. But, by that time BRW will have fled the country and closed its doors. If this doesn't happen, consider me shocked.
Posted on 09/29/03 - Category: General

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