When you think you have it bad
Rory Blyth at Napoleon.com: This was a pretty big deal. When I was six, my family was poorer than poor. I remember one night when my dad came home, got a little tipsy, and then ate a can of cat food. That actually may or may not have had anything to do with our being poor, but now seems as good a time as any to get that experience off my chest.

I remember one time when my Dad began to eat a little dirt (plant) pod thinking it was a mushroom. It wasn't because we were poor. It was because it was very early in the morning, dark and my Dad was hungry. Strange memories.
Posted on 09/30/03 - Category: General

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jhawk wrote:

Tell me about it. I remember my dad eating lutefisk. He claimed he was hungry too.

09/30/03 01:09:53 PM

Rory wrote:

I actually think my dad ate the cat food because he always admired Mel Gibson in “The Road Warrior” when he ate the can of dog food and then, as though having just finished a great meal in some incredible restaurant, dabbed the corners of his mouth with a napkin in a most dainty fashion.

My dad didn't do any dabbing, though. He just wolfed that cat food down.

I don't think he even stopped to taste it.

And, all the while, our skinny cat watched on with envy...

10/01/03 02:47:21 PM

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