I'm beginning to understand why some people hate IT
I've been helping one of my company's new divisions select a software package specific for their line of business. Most of the software vendors are small, which is kind of cool. In the past I've found myself dealing with the usual ERP suspects. It's a rather disgusting experience overall — amazing what sales people will say and do to land a deal.

The problem I'm facing is that a number of these vendors are unresponsive. They cancel demos at the last minute, turn in responses to RFP's late, take many days to respond to emails and often dodge questions about their products. Is business that good for small software firms providing niche solutions?! I'm disappointed. I can't help but think that this type of behavior by software vendors only adds gasoline to the fire that IT is screwed up and over valued. Why not send software development to India for cheap? At least the developers in India seem interested in getting the work. Build vs. buy has a much different light shined on it when taking into consideration that the buy option means dealing with (at best) disinterested vendors. Forget the solution that is already built if I have to deal with vendors like this. Give me a custom solution that meets my needs, costs just about as much and gets around the crummy software vendors.

OK, I'm overreacting. But I can't help but rant about small businesses stuck in a sluggish economy yet treating a potential sale with about as much interest as a vegetarian at a pig roast.
Posted on 10/01/03 - Category: Technology

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