IT geeks at the center of the universe
Dave Winer: Only when you concentrate geeks in one place can you have the illusion that they're at the center of the universe.

How true! I'd have to admit I have that tendency at times. I think part of that comes from the typical ego-centric thing everyone struggles with. Another part it comes from feeling like you get little to no respect from the users. Sure, they have the money and they're the ones that end up making or breaking any IT product or service, but it doesn't hurt to feel that they (at the very least) respect you and the good work that you do. If you're not a respectable person and/or your work isn't respectable, then I suppose disrespect is understandable and maybe even in order.

Dave is right, we in IT need to earn back users' respect. We have to stop acting like we own the world and everyone else just lives in it. Sure, the users may never respect us for who we are or the work we provide them with, but at least we'll know we have done our part. I think if we do our part, the users will come back around and see that IT does still matter. In fact, with respect back from the users of our products and services, IT might actually hit an innovative streak like never before. But, you can't get respect back until you're willing to earn it.
Posted on 10/13/03 - Category: Technology

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