The “white box” in the business world
Wow! InfoWorld has a (front page) article of their latest printed issue on using generic (white) boxes instead of servers and desktops from the likes of Dell, HP, etc. I'm very shocked and impressed. I've always thought that on the lower end server (2 CPU or less) that you might be better off just getting a system from somewhere like ASA Computers or something other independent PC builder. The systems are built on standard components and they likely have the same quality as anything you buy from the big boys. I've often seen that you can buy twice (or more) the computer if you go with a white box, but never had the nerve to consider it for the companies I've worked for. I think this latest InfoWorld article will make me a little more bold when I'm faced with buying x86 server hardware.
Posted on 10/28/03 - Category: Technology

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